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 Jonathan F. Henderson, MD's Testimonial
"As a 1998 Whitesboro senior, Dr. Jonathan Henderson interned with Family Practitioner Samuel Gooldy, MD, Optometrist Michael Waterman, OD and Ophthalmologist Alan H. Harris, MD. Those enlightening RPE experiences coupled with his childhood memories of his own pediatricians, Robert D. Brennan, MD, Daniel L. Zeidner, MD, and C.P. Rao, MD provided the realization of his love of working with children. While a Utica College sophomore studying biology and chemistry, J. Henderson applied and was accepted to the Upstate Medical University Early Assurance Program, where he graduated in 2007. He remained there for his residency in Pediatrics until completion in 2010. When asked to share his advice with students considering a career as an MD, J. Henderson offered these thoughtful words, “Work as hard as you can, even in high school. Having high grades are important, but being well rounded is just as important. I participated in Admissions at Upstate where I interviewed perspective students my third and fourth years of medical school. Every applicant who applies is at the top of his or her high school and college class. Being in chorus, playing an instrument, playing sports, maintaining a job, shadowing physicians, volunteering....all of these are very important and help separate you from other applicants. Every experience I've had has helped shape my career.....playing baseball at Whitesboro and learning to be a team player, interacting with customers when I worked at Arthur Treacher's Fish and Chips, bringing books to sick patients as a volunteer at St. Luke's, shadowing physicians. All of it has been very important, not only to separate myself from other perspective medical school applicants, but also in how I practice today.” Dr. Henderson practices pediatric medicine at Utica Pediatrics. A believer in strong family ties, Dr. Henderson has chosen to raise his own family in this area."

Jonathan F. Henderson, MD
Utica Pediatrics