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 Alissa Passalacqua's Testimonial
"Interning with first grade teacher, Elaine Herman at H.R Jones Elementary School, Utica, was such a powerful experience that it determined Alissa Passalacqua’s future. Passalaqua reports, “I always knew I wanted to teach a primary grade, K-2. After interning with Mrs. Herman, I fell in love with the curriculum of first grade, specifically teaching reading. Kindergarten was too young for me and by second grade most students have a foundation when it comes to reading skills. First grade is really when you help the students learn to read and become beginner writers. Also, first grade is a year where you can see amazing growth with your students in a short period of time.”A 1999 graduate of T. R. Proctor, Passalacqua chose Syracuse University for her post-secondary studies and holds dual degrees in Inclusive Elementary/Special Education, NYS teaching certifications in both N-6 Elementary Education and K-12 Special Education and her MA in Elementary Inclusion from Utica College. She is pleased that she can pursue her career locally as her family and friends are near. For this she feels quite fortunate.


Alissa Passalacqua, First Grade Teacher
Hart’s Hill Elementary School