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 Eastern Air Defense Sector

Eastern Air Defense Sector

The Eastern Air Defense Sector in Rome, NY plays a pivotal role in monitoring and controlling one million square miles of the nationís busiest airspace east of the Mississippi.

This year EADS has completed construction on their new $10.1 million headquarters at Griffiss Business and Technology Park. The move will allow for enhanced communication and greater security as command staff, security forces and operations move from three separate buildings into one.

The unit directs the employment of almost 200 radars, 8 fighter alert locations, Airborne Warning and Control System aircraft, a Battle Control Center and joint air defense artillery assets to defend millions of people.

Since Sept. 11, 2001, the Eastern Air Defense Sector has supported Operation Noble Eagle in the United States and, in November 2006, the unit doubled its area of responsibility when it was assigned to protect more than one million square miles from terrorist air attack both inside and outside the U.S.

In addition, the Eastern Air Defense Sector rapidly responds to non-military threats by supporting civilian agencies before and during emergencies, natural or man-made disasters. This role allows us to save lives, relieve suffering, prevent property damage and provide humanitarian assistance where and when it is needed most in the United States.

The unit is composed of more than 400 people, both civilian and military, in many career fields. Including fighter pilots, intelligence, Communications, Public Affairs, Contracting Management and many others.