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 Solo Scientific

Solo Scientific
P.O. Box 565
New Hartford, NY 13413
Phone: 888-248-8233
Email: info@soloscientific.com

Formed in October, 2007, Solo Scientific has seen incredible growth- after being a finalist in the Mohawk Valley Emerging Business Competition in 2009, sales quadrupled. While the company's primary product and research focus is hydrogen fuel cells, what has really taken off for them and helps fund the work they are doing on their main product- the Aurora Fire Starter.
The Fire Starter is a survival tool that will work in any environment and is proudly made in the USA, utilizing many local businesses. Vendors in Utica are used for steel and aluminum and local machine shops help support orders that have grown from 300-400 pieces up to batches of 5,000. In a short time, 400-500 dealers are now carrying the home grown invention across the country and five distributors help them get sold around the globe. They are sold in 8,000 army/navy stores, through dealers in Australia, Germany, the Netherlands, France and Canada and are also used on four military bases. The company recently found out that their product made the trip up Mt. Everest with a seasoned mountain climber from California!
As with any new business, growth needs to be managed and challenges arise. Solo Scientific's quick growth and increase in orders led to them running out of inventory.
The relationship with EDGE that started during the Emerging Business Competition continued when the company was looking for funding to assist with keeping up with their inventory. A call to EDGE president Steve DiMeo began a process of guidance and eventually led to a loan of $28,000 and additional funding and support from Rome Savings Bank to help the company fulfill orders quickly and keep sales flowing.
Solo Scientific founder Andy Putrello who grew up in the Mohawk Valley and spent time in Los Angeles, shared what it's like to start a business from scratch and grow it in our area. "This is where I want to raise my kids, I love the Adirondacks, and we're making this happen. There is a great opportunity to bring money into our local economy from all over the world to sustain us and allow us to help other businesses here. Sales that we make globally spur money back to us in Utica and we can then hire machine shops and vendors right here to help us make the product. It helps everyone.
Solo Scientific uses internet advertising through Google, Bing, and Yahoo to drive sales to both potential dealers and end customers. Marketing efforts are also done regularly in other states. Andy has driven 60,000 miles in the past two years to solicit dealers and show demos of the product. A licensed pilot, he's now taking to the skies to continue intense marketing in additional states.
"Our company lives by the motto of 'made locally, sold globally' and that's how we can grow as a company and help the local economy at the same time."Andy shares. "It's a lot of blood, sweat and tears to start a company- but we're finally figuring it out!"