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 Holland-Patent Central High School

Holland-Patent Central High School
9601 Main St
Holland Patent, NY 13354
Phone: 315-865-7200

Helping children succeed in life is the greatest gift we can ever imagine giving. As Superintendent of Holland Patent Central Schools, I am committed to ensuring each child's success in school as he/she prepares for life. It is my belief that all children can learn and will succeed if we provide a positive learning environment, utilize research based teaching strategies, and have effective communication between home and school.

Holland Patent School District takes special care to provide our students with opportunities to meet with success under the New York State Standards and Assessments. Our goal is to provide our children with real life experiences where they can be actively engaged in their learning.

Our staff works cohesively so we may maximize our efforts so learners can meet their potential. We offer a variety of services and have emphasized the use of technology. This technology allows our students to learn beyond the school walls. Our buildings have labs and clusters of computers in classrooms.

Our overall goal is to prepare our students for the future.