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 Resource Center for Independent Living, Inc.

Resource Center for Independent Living, Inc.
Email: Burt.danovitz@rcil.com

RCIL is a civil rights organization offering a wide range of independent living and advocacy services for and -- most importantly -- with people with disabilities. Our underlying assumption? That there should be "no limits" placed on people, regardless of disability. The basic human right of participating in society as a self-determining individual must extend to all citizens. Each of us has the capacity -- and responsibility -- to be a proud, contributing member of our society.

To support these goals, RCIL helps individuals of all ages and types of disability obtain the community supports and services they need to live independently. Whether this means getting an education, obtaining competitive employment, or living in one's own home, our programs are designed to provide a full spectrum of support and advocacy. RCIL staff also serve the community at large as expert consultants in the areas of barrier-free architectural design, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), and disability-related policy issues. Please don't hesitate to contact us!